The Cleaning Process

The moment we've all been waiting for, where we complete services to give you your place back as clean as it gets!  We use safe and effective methods based on requested services.  We also provide you with education on general maintenance and cleaning methods so you can prolong the life of your investment with basic maintenance in between our service visits.

More than anything, we are committed to excellence in customer service and satisfaction.  We love to maintain relationships with clients and become more than just a service our clients enlist.  We want to be part of your cleaning routine that makes your place cleaner and your indoor air quality healthier.  By using our services routinely, you will be nipping in the bud any preventable damage to your carpets, rugs, flooring, or home or business overall.

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frequently asked questions

​​How can I get a quote for services?

When it comes to cleaning there is not a "one-size fits all" approach.  The quickest way to get an estimate for services is call us at (707) 816-7103 so we can discuss the scope of the job.  If you prefer, you can also reach us by email using the contact form on this website.  For routine jobs that do not require specialty services, we can usually provide a quote over the phone.  Depending on the scope of work discussed, we may recommend a walk through of the job to provide the most accurate pricing.  For water damage restoration, we cannot provide an estimate by phone since these situations have many variables.  For an additional charge, we also provide professional inspections with a written report of our findings and recommendations.  We are not here to bait and switch you or to sell you useless services.  We are here to provide honest, quality services that are appropriate to your needs.

Call or Text (707) 816-7103

​​What information do I need to have ready when I call?

We like to ensure mutual understanding about the scope of services.  You will be asked to provide information on the number of areas to be serviced.  You will also be asked if there are any areas requiring special attention (such as stains, odors, pet issues, or source of water damage).  Please share as many details as possible regarding existing conditions because these help determine the method and tools that may be used for disinfecting, cleaning, and/or specialized treatment.  As an example, when clients forget to mention pet issues, the application of our standard disinfecting solution for carpet care will activate a strong smell of pet dander, hair, or urine embedded in the materials.  Pet treatment requires a different approach than general carpet care, and we need to know in advance about these conditions so they can be considered in the estimate and planned services.  When on-site, our technicians will not perform add-on services without consulting with management for authorization.